Commission Art

This page features work I have done for clients recently along with a brief explanation of the job. I am always available for commissions any styles I work in.

USS Oklahoma
Oklahoma Pharmacy Board – USS Oklahoma with medic sailors on beach.
Vietnam medic
Oklahoma Pharmacy Board – Vietnam medic
Oklahoma Pharmacy Board – Afghanistan themed medic art.


Captain's Smile coloring book
This is the cover of Drumright Dental Center’s coloring book that I created for them.
Professor Hardhat
The wise expert cartoon character.
cartoon robot
“Ultron-like’ robot for in-office animations.
Oilfield themed superhero with Drillbit gun.
Troublemaker villain who doesn’t use good computer safety practices.
Linda Hand
Multi-armed superheroine.


Sheriff Sally and friends
Sheriff Sally and Friends – mascots created for Dale Rogers


Trail Boss
Mascots created for Dale Rogers


Hi! I am in the process of including my portfolio on the site. My portfolio will include examples of fine art, commissioned work and work-for-hire projects.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


Native American Portfolio:

Other Portfolios to come!

About Brian

I am a life-long resident of Oklahoma and I have been an artist in one form or another since my youth. My professional training was split between fine art and graphic design. I moved into a career as a graphic designer while continuing to create art in my spare time. I have also been an educator since 2003 and I opened a graphic design program for Murray State College in Tishomingo in 2004. I returned to Oklahoma City in 2009 to assist with my parents care.

For the last seven years I have made art my primary focus. I have several mediums I work in from digital to paint and choose which medium based on the theme of the piece I am working on.  My Chickasaw heritage is from my grandmother who came to Oklahoma with her parents during the removal. I am a proud Chickasaw artist and have shown or donated work to several tribal events. I hope to continue to contribute my talents to Native American arts in Oklahoma. This year, I participated in the Artesian Art Festival at Sulphur and was also selected as the Event Artist to represent the 2017 Paseo Art Festival in Oklahoma City. I also recently finished an art show with the Paseo Art Space for the month of October and was a showing artist at the Chickasaw Festival in Tishomingo, OK.

I have several individual pieces forthcoming and will be in Albuqueque, NM for a trip to Indigenous ComicCon and to just recharge my creative cells.


Brian’s Updates

Been a minute!

Hi! I was super busy getting ready for the month of October’s show at Paseo Art Space located in Oklahoma City’s historic Paseo district. It was a show I shared with my good friend, Mitzi Massie, an encaustic artist. The opening weekend was the same as my Chickasaw Nation’s Annual Meeting Art Show. Both were …

Art for the site

Hi! I am currently loading my portfolio to the site. You will see some of the samples appear in the headers for the site. I will be adding an actual portfolio to this site soon for your easier navigation and to learn more about the work that I do. Thanks!

Contact Brian

Brian Landreth
2017 Paseo Art Festival print signing

Brian Landreth
You can contact me from this site or visit me on Facebook at Brian Landreth Art. I am also on Instagram as Brian Landreth, Artist.