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About Brian

I am a life-long resident of Oklahoma and I have been an artist in one form or another since my youth. My professional training was split between fine art and graphic design. I moved into a career as a graphic designer while continuing to create art in my spare time. I have also been an educator since 2003 and I opened a graphic design program for Murray State College in Tishomingo in 2004. I returned to Oklahoma City in 2009 to assist with my parents care.

For the last seven years I have made art my primary focus. I have several mediums I work in from digital to paint and choose which medium based on the theme of the piece I am working on.  My Chickasaw heritage is from my grandmother who came to Oklahoma with her parents during the removal. I am a proud Chickasaw artist and have shown or donated work to several tribal events. I hope to continue to contribute my talents to Native American arts in Oklahoma. This year, I participated in the Artesian Art Festival at Sulphur and was also selected as the Event Artist to represent the 2017 Paseo Art Festival in Oklahoma City.

The art currently featured on this page is “Crazy Horse”. It is an ink drawing I created based on a historic photo I found of him. I placed him in a simplified field of stars to visually frame him and also to give a feeling of timelessness. This print is currently available at the Chickasaw Nation Welcome Center located off I-35 and the Davis exit in Oklahoma.

Brian’s Updates

Art for the site

Hi! I am currently loading my portfolio to the site. You will see some of the samples appear in the headers for the site. I will be adding an actual portfolio to this site soon for your easier navigation and to learn more about the work that I do. Thanks!

Contact Brian

Brian Landreth
2017 Paseo Art Festival print signing

Brian Landreth
You can contact me from this site or visit me on Facebook at Brian Landreth Art. I am also on Instagram as Brian Landreth, Artist.