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Drift is my latest work. Just finished it today. It's a 20" square, acrylic on canvas. I submitted it to Allied Arts in OKC for their 'Goldtini' fundraising event. The concept of a woman floating on clouds is not a new one or even new to my work - but this one kept 'drifting' into my ideas so it needed to be done.

I did use a touch of day-glo white and iridescent white to add to the actual piece's effects. The moon should glow softly when the lights are off just for a bit of fun for me. Something I've done once or twice before.

I put the woman in a traditional sleeping gown so she could be as much cloud as woman. The clouds are stylized intentionally as round shapes so they work as a bed. Hope you like it!

Woman, night, moon, rain, field, sleep, rest
Drift by Brian Landreth


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