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This new piece I had hoped to have ready for IndigiCon 2023 but unfortunately, I ran out of time.

It's based on the Apache Ga'an Dancers who have amazing regalia for their ceremonies. The headdresses remind me so much of Jack Kirby's space god creations that I decided to take that approach. The Ga'an dancers acknowledge the mountain spirits and that gave me the setting. I gave the Mountain God his herald, a native youth riding a flaming board (also another Kirby homage). The linework is ink. I had to redo the headdress digitally because my original attempt I didn't have a good edge tool. The edge of my business card was NOT a good replacement. Color is digital. Brian Landreth 2023

This is one of my doodles I created while sitting at my booth for IndigiPop 2023 at First American Museum in Oklahoma City. I may go back and revisit the ideas later for real. IndigiPop 2023 was a lot of fun and my first ComicCon as an exhibitor. I'm heading to the Artesian Festival next month in Sulphur, OK. I had a blast - now it's time to recharge!

I created four new pieces for IndigiPop at FAM this winter. Each is from an original ink drawing and then digitally colored. Prints will be available for these at my booth on the 1st floor hallway - just outside the main event area. Come by and say Hi!

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